About The artist

"Handcrafted Statement Jewelry You Can Dress Up or Down"

"Handcrafted Statement Jewelry You Can Dress Up or Down"

As a kid who loved to look with my eyes and my hands there wasn't much that I didn't try to create once the idea was planted in my mind. I also knew very early in life that I wanted to make my own money, mainly because I didn't like asking my parents for money. 

With that being said, my first business started in elementary school. I would take candy from a huge bag of candy and make cute mini bags and sell them at school.  In middle school I made and sold colorful lanyard key-chains. In high school I created all sorts of pillows; some of the pillows were embroidered as well.

One summer while on college break I tried my hand at a few things I'd always wanted to do, including pottery, woodworking, and then I found jewelry.  Initially I took a class so that I could make a necklace that I fell in love with but could not afford at the time. Once I felt the stones in my hands and re-created the necklace, I was hooked.  After being enthralled by the feelings of accomplishment, healing, love, and extreme serenity, there was no turning back for me.  What started off as a hobby, soon became a business.

Eva-Lauren Designs encompasses handcrafted, bold, and minimalist statement jewelry made with love. My inspirations include gemstones, shapes, nature, organic structures, fashion, and architecture.

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