Fancy Hearts

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Description: Fancy Hearts

Handcrafted, Hammered, cut, and filed, and polished sterling silver and brass bold heart shaped earrings. Lightweight!!

Lengths and Widths for Brass and Sterling Silver Fancy Hearts

Small--Length: 1.25 inches and Width:  0.75 inches

Medium--Length: 1.75 inches and Width: 1 inch

Large--Length: 2 inches and Width: 1.25 inches

Brass Prices: $25-$35

Sterling Silver Prices: $30-$40

 Earring Hooks:

Length: 1.25 inches

Lead Free

Sterling Silver Ear Hooks for the Sterling Silver Fancy Hearts

Brass Ear Hooks for the Brass Fancy Hearts

Choose your desired Brass or Sterling Silver Fancy Heart from styles A-F.

For jewelry restoration, please read the additional information section.


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Additional Info

Brass and sterling silver are metals that will naturally change color or patina over time.  Humid Climates and moisture will speed up the patina process, especially for brass. Sterling Silver will take much longer to begin to tarnish. Please remove your brass and sterling silver jewelry prior to showering and swimming.

Restoring your sterling silver: Polishing Cloth, Silver Polish Cleaner, or give your pieces a scrub with little dawn dish soap,  warm water, and a soft toothbrush.

Restoring Your Brass: Brass Cleaner, A tiny squirt of Ketchup and Warm Water and scrub with a toothbrush or Scotch-Brite pad (green). I know the Ketchup sounds gross, but it really works. Another option is to cover half of a lemon with salt and lightly rub until the metal until it shines again. (Doesn't take long at all). Both the ketchup and the lemon work well because of the acid they contain.  Both methods together are not necessary. Each cleaning method works well on its own. Use a little dish soap to Rinse the earrings off then dry your pieces thoroughly. Your jewelry will look as good as the day you purchased it.  

Store with Care.